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BirdDog was started by a couple of friends who saw an opportunity to improve the hunting industry using technology. BirdDog is a two-way marketplace where landowners can market and sell hunts, and hunters can browse and seamlessly book experiences from their devices.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I book through BirdDog?

BirdDog makes it easy to get outside and hunt. We exist to provide Hunters with exceptional hunting experiences. By partnering with ranch owners, we give hunters easy access to a broad range of hunts across many types of game. Our partner ranches include properties with five-star lodging and amenities and those with more modest accommodations. Similarly, some ranches are set up for trophy hunts with a high chance of success for a once-in-a-lifetime trophy, while others are geared toward the chase. BirdDog aims to ensure both new and seasoned Hunters alike confidence that their hunting experience will be what they expect. Above all, our goal is to facilitate memorable experiences for all hunting guests.


What if I have questions before booking?

We strive to provide complete and accurate information in the ranch profile. If you don't find what you need there, please email BirdDog directly at support@birddogit.com.


When do I get details about my booked hunt?

You will receive a hunt confirmation email with additional details about your hunt immediately after booking. The daily hunt schedule and exact location details will be sent approximately one week prior to your hunt. In the meantime, please feel free to contact us with questions at support@birddogit.com.


Do I need a license in order to hunt?

Most types of game listed on BirdDog require a hunting license. Additionally, Hunter Education is required for all hunters born after September 2, 1971 in Texas. Hunters from the age of 9-16, accompanied by an appropriately certified adult of at least 17 licensed to hunt in Texas, are also exempt. Hunter Education requirements can be met by completing an in-person or online course. You can purchase Texas hunting licenses and find more information here: https://tpwd.texas.gov/business/licenses/online_sales/ When hunting on private property, animals that do not require a license include hogs, coyotes, bobcats, and other nuisance animals.


How do I pay for my hunt?

The entirety of the base cost of the hunt is paid through BirdDog's website. In the event that the hunter takes a larger animal - or additional animals - the balance will be charged on or after the hunt. Hunters are expected to tip guides a minimum of 10%.


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